Nvidia for blender rendering??? Interesting

I know that gelato is out but this is interesting.

I am not too tech savvy but I read…128 processors @ 1.35ghz…
so these can be tapped to run tasks using std c?
and it could be made to perform as a ‘render farm on a card’ interfacing with Blender? or Indigo?..
that is Gelato/Renderman is not specifically necessary??
even if this was fairly inefficient the promise of a render at say 4x faster than using a cpu to do the calcs would be quite attractive…

give blender ten years maybe.

No really, it’s very neat and presents a major leap in useage finaly for GPU cards. but unless you want to code it you have to wait.

I don’t think i will be that long… After all these code refactoring, it’ll be easy to hook up a new renderer, and there will be a (maybe free) renderer utilizing this… somebody will connect blender with it… vola! :slight_smile:

Just my best wish :wink:

We would have to see what the CUDA Software Developers Kit for this new gpu setup entails. It just may allow us to write apps that render out to it.

it’ll be easy to hook up a new renderer

Man, I wish!