NVIDIA GeForce 320M | Error | OpenCL: platform version 1.1 or later required, found 1

I am getting this error when attempting to render thru Cycles using GPU:

| Error | OpenCL: platform version 1.1 or later required, found 1.0

I have a NVIDIA GeForce 320M, which is a chipset developed exclusively for MacBook Pro. I have found blogs on the web that state this card is CUDA capable, but they are all discussing programming. Im a bit confused by it all and would greatly appreciate any help in the matter. This specific card is apparently 1.2 capable

I’m getting a similar message: error|CUDA error: No CUDA-capable device available.

I’m using NVidia GeForce 6150SE nForce 430

It has some CUDA.DLL file but I don’t remember the version.

And like you, the websites I’ve checked are all talking about programming. <sigh> That does me no good. I’ve updated my drivers for my nvidia and still nothing.

Can someone please help me?


NVidia CUDA is supported for GPU rendering with NVidia graphics cards. We support graphics cards starting from GTX 2xx (shader model 1.3), however it is recommended to use a GTX 4xx or GTX 5xx card (shader model 2.x), since only those are likely to give good speedup, earlier cards are often slower than just using the CPU.

Cycles requires recent drivers to be installed, on all operating systems. Be sure to download the Blender version matching your operating system, that is, download 64 bit Blender for 64 bit operating systems.

List of CUDA cards with shader model

Older Cards
For Mac and Linux, it’s possible to compile kernels at runtime, for cards that are not officially supported. GeForce 8xxx, 9xxx cards are not included in official release, but they might work by enabling experimental features.

The CUDA toolkit version 4.0 (64 bit version) or newer must be installed for this. Other versions might work, but are not supported. The first time rendering is done, the kernel must be compiled for your GPU architecture. Since Cycles is quite complex compared to a typical GPU kernel, compilation may take from 40 seconds to a few minutes, and may also up about 2GB of memory, depending on the graphics card model.

So I need to install the Cuda 4.0 kit? And then compile a kernel? That sounds a bit daunting, though I’m always up for a fair challenge. Or is it an automated process? Please pardon my ignorance in these regards. Thank you.

Yes, you have to install cuda toolkit and set render settings to experimental cuda.
The kernel build is automated during the first render process.
Induplicable, Robitron, your cards are not officially supported from blender.org.

Cheers, mib.

mib2berlin, YOU"RE FIRED!!!


now seriously, thanks for the quick response. I actually do appreciate it. but unfortunately, unless Saint Nick decides to be exceptionally charitable to this naughty boy, I don’t think I’ll be getting a new card before 2020. lol

but, c’est la vie

Thanks for the help. I tried that and it didn’t work. I got the same error.

Maybe I am off base here, but I didn’t see anything for OSX, Im on a MacBook Pro. Im thinking I need some intensive help with this issue.

Even if those libs worked for both PC & Mac, I can’t find the foler where they are supposed to go. This is getting to be a bit frustrating. However I do appreciate all the effort, thank you.

well, the libraries were suppose to go to 2.61/scripts/addons/cycles/lib folder if i’m not mistaken.

Tried them but after a while the two second timeout of Win7 terminated blender.

Induplicable, you have to install cuda toolkit and switch to Experimental > GPU > Cuda in render settings.
The kernel building starts automaticly on your system, you have to wait a few minutes to build.

Cheers, mib.

The strange thing is that when I installed the cuda toolkit, and switched to Expiremental>GPU> There is no option for cuda in the render settings.

On the folder location for the libs, I can’t find any folder like that at all. I can only find the files inside the folder for the blender application in my applications folder that are named launch etc. I feel like Im missing something.

Have somebody resolved this issue? I’m in the same situation. MacBook Air with geforce 320m. Blender worked fine with CUDA 3.1, was used the GPU for rendering but unfortunately after changing the requirements to CUDA 4.0, I can’t get CUDA gpu rendering at all. I tryed in Windows as well but nothing. Now I don’t even have CUDA listed into preferences/system/compute device.