NVIDIA GeForce 8800 is out!!!


new generation of NVIDIA cards is out.

The technical demos of real time rendering are quite shocking.

We will have to use our 3D applications within highest limits to show that non-realtime renderings are still better thatn realtime ones :rolleyes: It would be shame if games shots would look better than Blender renderings :smiley:

Is there anyone thinking to purchase this new card?

I’m still using a FX 5200.

I’m still using a geForce4. Certainly outdated, but more than enough for the work I do, so buying this probably wouldn’t do much for me (tech demos look great, though).

Behold at my Intel G900 integrated video card, hehe… :slight_smile: certainly a sweet card esp looking at its bench marks VS, ATIs(AMD) best cards.

I’ve often thought, man, just a random screenshot from some of today’s games looks better than most our artwork, and it’s rendering at 50 fps! I guess that means we all need to work on our texturing skills!, and blender needs integrated GPU hardware rendering! (and GPU cloth sim)

Dude, you’re like 8796 versions old:D

Damn it, new_neo. Get your facts right…it’s 8796½ versions :wink:

I agree that for Blending it might not worth it.

But to be compared to “QuadroFX” trick for 3D application users (i.e. this card plays no role for rendering scenes except Gelator render) it is definitely better choice.

With respect to GPU renderign there is excelent script for NVIDIA cards and free Gelato made by marioamb http://www.kino3d.com/forum/download.php?id=3674

Regarding to better texture painting do not hesitate to try Artweaver. http://www.artweaver.de/index.php?en_version
It is free (sorry not opensource) and to be comapred to GIMP it has genious flexibility of brushes and their modification. Use ti together with GIMP, this combination is PS killer :-).

Nice. I’m still on the AGP version of the 6800 GT. Works fine for me now, but I’ll probably end up buying a new PCI-X mobo and graphics card if I ever upgrade.

ME- PCI-E 7600 GT, I lovez it.

awwwwwwwwwh! I feel sick! My poor cards are hiding in shame! :wink:
It’s been quite long since I updated my machines, but this might be a good chance to get a new PC and finally change from AGP to PCIE. and also change to a 64bit processor…and a dual one… and a better cooled case…and a new mouse… and a new dog… sigh…sigh…sigh…

Sweeeeeet! I was planning on dual 7950 GX2’s for my new system, but I think 2 of these aughta’ do the trick instead.:smiley:

Yea but whats the price tag, i dont think any current gen engine(or even next gen engine) could bog this guy down no real point in doubling it up right now, cept for bragging rights of course.

Yeah, it’s pricey. I don’t have a computer of my own at the moment though, and the one I plan to build is going to be no holds barred, top of the line, so it should be current for quite some time. But I have to admit, bragging rights are nice.:o Anyway, here’s the price. newegg link

Eh my question is how well it will work when vista rolls around and its lack of love for openGL.

dude i don’t know what you’re talking about. A game render can’t even touch some of the works in the forum art page. I mean seriously. Not even close. In motion things look much more defined, but if you were take a still of most of todays game they would not look so hot. Trust me…


650$$$!!! HOLY COW! My computer only cost a thousand total!
Like, with other parts, too!

Lol, with a 8800, you won’t need other any parts.
uber-fast floating point units: checked
768RAM: checked
massive heatsink: checked
uses tons of power: checked
makes lots of noise: checked
fills an ATX case: checked

who needs powerful graphics cards? GeForce 2 for the win!!! :smiley:

NOT! lol…