Nvidia GEforce GTX550 Ti

I bought a fairly upgraded graphics card and had it installed at BestBuy – Nvidia GTX550 Ti.

Then, tried to set the Cycles rendering to GPU by going to User Pref > Systems > Compute Device and set it to GEforce GTX 550 Ti.

However, the Cycles rendering is still very slow – almost 4 minutes just to do 100 passes on a simple scene rendering the Blender monkey (Suzanne) on a plane with 2 emission plane sources for light.

Can anyone help me with what I’m doing wrong?


yea I got it too. The thing I’m pissed at is I can’t use the Adobe mercury engine because it doesn’t have enough ram/memory. I spent a lot of money.

Hi jasonhan,

I have a 560 Ti and it is lightning fast - I imagine the 550 is no differenet, have you downloaded the latest drivers from Nvidia?

Much thanks. I got it to work.

what was the issue, jasonhan? And how did you fix it? I have gtx 550 and i’m not fully satisfied with the render results

Hi gavling, there are very different versions of GTX 550Ti. DDR5, DDR3 1- 3 GB VRam different clocking.
The slowest is Club 3D GeForce GTX 550Ti 3GB. It renders the Benchmark file in 3 minutes.
My EVGA GTX 550Ti 2 GB DDR 5 VRam need 1.46 minutes depends of blender version and OS.
Blender 2.62 was faster but have less features.

Cheers, mib.

I have a GTX 550 Ti directcu and Cycles work only on Blender 2.61. When I try in other version it crashed, please help -___-’

Hi Issanou,
please add your system specs, are you on FreeBSD, OSX or Windows? Driver version, Blender version and so forth.
It is also helpful to start blender from a command shell and post the errors.

Cheers, mib.

My configuration:

Windows 7 verssion 64 bits
Intel® cor™ i5-2400s CPU @2.50GHz 2.50GHz
Graphic: Nividia Geforce GTX 550 Ti (directcu)

I wante work withe Blender 2.63. But It crashed when I try to play Cycles.
And I can’t access to the System preference in the user preferences.

mib2berlin How can I copy the errors?

You can change the 3DView to User Preferences.
Paste errors here:


You need more than 10 posts to upload anything to forum.

Cheers, mib.
EDIT: Or you meant right mouse button, mark, in command shell?
Or make screenshot with print key on the keyboard.

I dont know how to report the errors code. Geve me a tutorial link or show me one print screen, please.

Thank you very much

Hi :slight_smile: !
My problem is solved, I found solution from here http://projects.blender.org/tracker/?func=detail&atid=498&aid=31120&group_id=9 .

It is definitely possible to use your gtx550ti and take advantage of the mercury engine (at least in cs5.5)… I have the gtx550ti with only 1gb of ram and was able to get it to work. Check out this video as a starting point. The thing I remember is that you have to type in correctly the name of the card. I remember I put a space or forgot to capitalize something when adding my card to the list and it didn’t work correctly, so be aware of that. I went back and figured out the problem than everything was good. I also remember reading that when you do any updates to your adobe products, you will probably have to go back and do it again, because updates end up overriding the file where you add your card to the list. Good luck if you end up giving it a try.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTShqwNwkH0