Nvidia Gelato revisited

Leverage the rendering speed of a video card with the quality and precision of software rendering. This is a piece of software that controls current generation cards and utilizes their programmable shaders to render. It’s basically a C++ API that you can call. There’s also a Python interface. I wonder if an exporter could be written in python to interface with this?


I was hoping that it would be possible for open source 3d developers to tie their applications into Gelato. I can only think that Gelato would be more robust on a platform like Linux than Windows in the case of open source developments.

For the interested, there is also another hardware accelerated GI renderer around called ‘parthenon’, not quite of the gelato standard, but might still be interesting to experiment with for those who have the necessary hardware (which doesn’t include me unfortunately):

On a side note, in other renderer related news, virtualight1.4 has been released a few days ago: