NVidia GT730 Cuda threads?

Hi guys, wonder if you can shed light on something for me.

My old PC went BOOM so I have a new PC, granted on a budget, but not too bad for me.
It’s an Intel I3-4150 with a GT730 2GB graphics card.

Now, according to the blurb, the card has 394 CUDA cores, I had, (mistakenly?), assumed that meant the number of cores it would render tiles with in Cycles. However, even though it is activated as GPU compute, it only renders one tile at a time, veerrryyy slooowwlllyy, whereas I get quite a speed from my 4 threads of the CPU.

Am I indeed mistaking cores for threads, or is the something wrong and I should be getting better performance?
I appreciate it is a “low end” card, but it is all I could afford at the moment, as finances are rather tight.

Thanks for the info. Did a few tests and whilst the gpu is faster than my old setup and graphics are responsive, the cpu still renders about 70 percent faster. I can’t really justify a more powerful card when it’s just a part time hobby. At least now I am better informed. Plus, truthfully, it still renders several magnitudes faster than my old single core 2.1Ghz. :slight_smile: