Nvidia GTX 550ti + AMD A10

Hi there,
First of all sorry if I post in the wrong place. Moderator feel free to move it.

I have Nvidia 550 ti in win 7 and i want to buy a AMD A10 win 8, I would like to know if it is possible to use both of them as Cycles render farm? So basically my question is can i mix ATI and nvidia together as render farm? I know that i cannot use GPU, only CPU is allowed.

Please not that about Computer hardware i m such a newbie. If someone has link or experience on the matter and want to share i will be more than happy.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi, do you mean you buy a second system or put a new CPU in the system with GTX 550Ti?
With one system you may could use OpenCL with GTX and AMD, look how it work:


With two systems you can mix GPU and CPU rendering.

Cheers, mib

Thanks mib2berlin for showing up here. What i mean is i want to buy a new computer (system) with AMD 10.

With two systems you can mix GPU and CPU rendering.

I think, I can buy it. Thanks for the info :slight_smile: