NVIDIA GTX 750Ti Causing An Error While Rendering

Hey people, I recently bought an NVIDIA GTX 750Ti graphics card. After installing the driver CD and checking for updates on the NVIDIA site (and updating the drivers), I proceeded to render out a sample image using Blender.

When I clicked the “render” mode in the viewport, it this gave the error:

“CUDA binary kernel for this graphics card compute capability (5.0) not found”

My setup:
Intel i3 2nd gen Processor
Intel DH55TC motherboard
Kingston 2GB DDR3 RAM
NVIDIA GTX 750Ti Graphics Card

I’m using the most recent stable build of Blender (2.69). Please help!:frowning:

Hi, GTX 750Ti is not supported from Blender atm. there are special builds available here:


Blender devs are planning to build kernels for the GTX 750Ti and place it as separate download for Blender 2.70

Cheers, mib.

Sorry, should’ve mentioned it before, I have a 32-bit Win7 OS, the link you gave me was to a 64-bit build of Blender. Any chance of me getting a 32-bit version? Can you link it?