Nvidia help...

I am looking to buy a Nvidia card for a computer which I’m planning to buy sometime soon, but when I look on ebay, I see at least 10 different manufacturers for the same Nvidia card. WHat the heck is going on?

nvidia not only makes the cards, they sell the chips for other people to make cards

[which for example don’t need the second slot cooling]

ati does the same thing

Okay…So are the other-brand cards lower-quality or something?

no why would they?

when did you buy a gfx card last time? and what hardwares then?

2001, and Hardware? What do you mean?

the brand of the graphiccard, plus what chip ? (ati, nvidia etc etc…)

most graphiccards today is made by some company while the chips are made of a different company…

The NVidia chip is part of the motherboard.

ok, so you have a nvidiacard then, but probably another company (brand) made the motherboard :slight_smile:

check out www.newegg.com for the best prices and consumer reviews and service. Best place for computer parts on the internet! Go the the card to like, see the reviews, and you can tell what is good.

Samadam: Great, thanks! :smiley:

If you can, get a hold of a MSI manufactured Nvidia card.

MSI (Micro Star International) is well known because of their quality and because they usually bundly extra features into their cards (same features that other makers will only add to the upper level cards).

For example, I bought a MSI made Nvida Ti 4200, it came with the standart VGA port, but also with a DVI port, plus a really amazing RCA in/ou + S-video In/Out expansion connector (all of them gold plated).

And don’t get me started with the bundled sofware… it is just too much :smiley: (8 CDs) including games and MSI developed utilities.

I think he should look at the fetures of the card he’s gonna buy. And then make sure that the manufacturer have agood reputation(search at hardware forums) Not just buy msi because the usually have many good features.

Appolux: Cool! But I already have a video capture card… :wink: