Nvidia ION and Cycles

Hi, has anyone got NVIDIA ION work with Cycles? I’ve searched and searched, but couldn’t find any information on that matter. I get an error about the compute capability being too low (1.1 found, 1.3 needed). But I’ve found that some builds of blender has the support for 1.1. Or did I misunderstood something? I simply couldn’t find the right build. Any help would be appreciated. I’m running Windows 7 32bit on an Atom powered netbook.

I know netbooks aren’t meant for cg, but it’s nice to be able to use blender anywhere and anytime.

Honestly your CPU will probably be faster than your GPU even if you find a build that works. nVidia ion was definitely not designed for the types of calculations Cycles calls for.

Apart from rendering, this netbook (Intel Atom N270, Nvidia ION, 3GB RAM, 12") is enough for my blender learning activities as for now (basic modeling). So if I can get this running, my learning curve would be a lot steeper. But you can never know untill you try, right? :smiley: The CPU is horribly slow too. I have a pretty decent quad core PC at home, so this is not a life or death question. But still - if would be nice if anyone tried this. I will not be bumping this thread up. But if I’ll find something - I’ll post it.

After hours of searching I finally found a build that works with ION. I rendered the same scene in 1920x1080 resolution. CPU time: 2:05min. GPU time: 0:55min. Quite a difference, right?

Yes, it is still slow, but what could I expect - it’s a pretty old netbook. Same scene renders in 12 seconds on Phenom x4 955 :smiley: Anyway, I can mark this thread as solved. And the answer in short would be:

You can make you Nvidia ION work with Cycles if you find a build with Cuda 1.1 kernel support. And the rendertimes are more than twice faster compared to CPU rendering. I had all this trouble because I have 32bit windows. There are plenty of compatible builds for 64bit systems, including Linux.