nVidia joins Linux Foundation

Since I haven’t seen it posted here I thought I’d bring it to everyone’s attention. We’ll see what this leads to.

It’s a big day for open source fans now that NVIDIA, the last member of the “big three” chip makers with AMD and Intel, has signed on with the Linux foundation. The company has previously kept the system at arms length, with users relying on reverse-engineering to get things working nicely with Linus’ baby. It’s joining Fluenco, Lineo and Mocana, three companies who also became signatories to the foundation at the same time. Whilst there’s no commitment to provide drivers for its chipsets, at least there’s a glimmer of hope that the company will contribute – especially given the growing popularity of its mobile platforms.

AMD has been a member for a while, their drivers are still proprietary…

Yeah and Adobe is also a member :stuck_out_tongue: This won’t signal any changes on the FLOSS side, only some publicity for both parties. But I’m fine with Nvidia contributing to Mr. Torvalds paycheck :wink:

Edit: To be fair, AMD has released documentation and has a few paid developers working on open drivers. I doubt Nvidia would open up anything about their gfx driver after this announcement (would love to be proven wrong).

This means exactly nothing. Don’t get your hopes up.


Actually AMD is paying two-four people to work on the preexisting open drivers to “support” hardware they no longer support in fglrx, they aren’t opening anything. It’s basically a marketing gimmick that tech bloggers have latched onto.

Nvidia doesn’t really need to open anything as their driver just works and they provide working legacy drivers.