NVIDIA Metropia Challenge - Future Car WIP

Basic Idea and collecting references.

Thinking of an Electric car, not any levitating one because 2042 is not THAT far. My design could take inspiration from Ferrari F80 concept, Lamborghini Terzo Electric etc. Looking forward to get the basic design first and add details step by step. I want to also heavily make the car as aerodynamic as possible with all the crazy active aero stuff lately. I chose it to be electric because we would have mastered electric cars by 2042 and I dont really see levitating vehicles coming by then.


Looking for clean topology and Smooth reflections. Decided to use a Guide mesh so that everything is smooth and silky.

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Any critique would be appreciated.

Did the roof guide mesh. Tailgate is next.

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Watching with interest.

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Is that too extreme? And what can I do to make it better? :thinking:

Adjusted proportions and widened the fenders for more space for the wheel.

Please read

FYI, I am making all this with a crappy 11 year old PC with Core 2 Duo E4500, 2GB DDR2 RAM, NVIDIA GT430 1GB, 120GB HDD. Please take a look at my other artworks which were made using the same system. Thank you and Good luck!



Now the grille areas are smoother and topology is fixed and simplified. The fender isn’t smooth because its not fully faced.

###Narrative Aspect
So I wanted to take a break from the modelling phase and focus more on the sustainability, materials and opportunities we will have by 2042. AI would be mastered till then and my vehicle would be both autonomus and traditional. AI would aid the driver to prevent crashes, and even drive without any human input. All the damages/wear and tear done during races and optimal use of energy would be also be monitored and controlled by AI. AI would also monitor the driver health, concentration etc. Now for the design opportunities, I would implement the use of over the top downforce like air braking, adaptive spoiler and steering aid using the flaps. Possibly mounted in the grille area, the rear and adjustable canards would help too. For the materials, the car could have self healing surface like seen in the Terzo. A super light. 3D printed parts could also be there and a new composite material that is both rigid and flexible could also be there that will help make the car as light as possible. The car would pack the bleeding edge technology, with sensors, radars and cameras all over. AI deep learning would keep a track of driver behaviour, techniques and basically replicate him/her. The wheels would be individually powered and that means the AI could compensate for loss of grip and apply power to corresponding wheel. The car would have 4 wheel steering and hyper dense batteries to reduce the weight and space for the batteries. As mentioned earlier, the regenerative systems would benefit from braking, maybe even regenerate in straight line speed. The tracks could have certain zones which power up the car when it reaches there. The tires would be made from a super sticky tire compound and its one of the most essential part of any race car. The car could use something like a torque converter that helps car go fast without using traditional gears. The battery would be quickly accessible as it would be mounted on the bottom of the car. Hope you like it. Any critique accepted.

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Rear Guide Mesh

@SK0441 Best wishes and I am watching with interest! Nothing would be sweeter than winning that quadro rtx 6000 :slight_smile: Keep it up, really digging the thought behind this. I was going to enter but my ability is far from what I see on artstation so I am just watching and learning.

Thank you for the aspiration! I don’t really see myself to win that but it will be still a cool little project. I want to say that you should also compete even if you don’t think of winning. I entered with the main goal to polish my skills. Thanks again!


Sorry for no post. Here is latest update:

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Some more updates


Looks sick!

Quick EEVEE Renders. Almost cooked my CPU. That carbon is sicc.

Follow more updates on https://www.artstation.com/contests/nvidia-metropia-2042/challenges/60/submissions/41865?sorting=latest

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Looking great man! Can’t wait to see the final outcome. Already got you followed on Artstation and watching.

The modeling is great, but I can’t help wondering how the front wheels turn in the wheelbase and how the suspension works? The air tunnels going through the front are making the wheels isolated from the rest of the body.

I will connect the steering and an f1 style slant suspension through the channel. They will support the flaps too. Yes, there is not enough width but i already widened the fenders and dont want to do it more.