NVidia Omniverse

I think Blender’s USD support is still young maybe? You might have better luck going from Blender to Houdini to Omniverse . Houdini USD is top notch! I’m also trying to get the RTX 3090! Sadly might not see a new stock until Feb 2021!

BTW guys if you have work done in Omniverse, feel free to post it here!

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Interesting, that’s actually what I do, the Houdini exported USD files always work!

It’s a Quadro RTX 6000 (Turing generation).

Try out the sample scenes that come with the Nucleus service (marbles, terrain flight, astronaut, attic). They are really high quality and look great both in real-time mode and path traced mode.

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This is because Substance team are heavily involved in this whole ecosystem in general. Adesk MaterialX is also at the forefront, based on Standard Surface Shader(Arnold base material) The whole idea is that all materials going into the system will be converted with no conflicts, both in and out, all stored in the USD.

Yes, you are seeing this right, this is Autodesk on github :rofl:


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I just tried it, seems pretty good! Anyone else had problem with using Iray? seems unstable and all the material was pink.

For the record autodesk does not “control” materialx or start it. Nor is there any stipulation that you use standard surface in materialx. Also should note that substance can now export materialx

I realise that, but they’re the ones who are investing heavily in its implementation in Max/Maya

Yes, Adesk and Substance team have been working very closely on this. There’s a very interesting webinar on it.

For once, Adesk have gotten out in front of a big industry change.

For people looking to upgrade to a RTX 3000 GPU, there’s now a contest with the Marbles scene assets:

Just make sure to have an RTX graphics card before “thinking” about joining the contest, as “omniverse create” only works with them.

Yeah, that’s a limitation. The minimum spec to run Omniverse is RTX 2070. I wonder if one can rent a GPU instance with RTX cards on Amazon’s cloud to join the contest, as the latest release features web streaming from a remote server: https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/t/omniverse-create-2021-1-released/170387