Nvidia Optix denoising causes Blender to crash

I recently found out that Maxwell and above GTX cards (I have a GTX 1650) can use Nvidia Optix denoising. I tried using it and every time I enable it, Blender 2.9 crashes after 5-10 seconds. I’m able to use NLM denoising and Intel Open Image Denoise.

Why is Optix not working and how can I fix this?

Does the problem occur with latest 2.91.0? If so, crashes are things you can always report. You must have an account at: https://developer.blender.org/

Then you open Blender and from Help menu, Report a bug.
You must share with developers a .blend file where you can reproduce the crash.

This problem occurred in 2.90.1

if this is a bug by Blender, 2.90.1 will be no more maintained by developers. That is why I recommended you to try the latest 2.91.0 and report the problem if it still occurs.

Just in case, you make sure you have the latest nvidia drivers installed and that you are not overclocking your GPU and that you don’t have any GPU overclocking applications installed.