Nvidia or AMD (former artist known as ATI ;-)

Good evening (o;

Recently I decided to give blender .280 beta a go as most of the plugings I love are not supported with the Octane renderer…though it is not that fast, GPU combinded with threadripper 16-core looks not that bad to (o;

Now my question to those having AMD and Nvidia cards…what would be the best investment for Cacles GPU rendering…go the Nvidia way with RTX2080(Ti) or the louder Radeon VII which features more VRAM?

For macOS the answer would be clear AMD as there would never be any new Nvidia drivers…and DaVinci Resolve Studio is VRAM hungry (o;

But for running blender on Linux, which I prefer the most, is it best to stay on the NVidia road and hopefully it would benefit on the RT cores like Octane renderer announced a while ago?

Guess I have to anyway replace my X399 motherboard to Taichi as the Asus X399 Prime can only hold 2 GPUs (o;

Jeroen Bakker did a great job reducing kernel compilation times for OpenCL (AMD cards), but they are still quite high compared to CUDA (Nvidia).

As you already mentioned the Vram is 16GB on the Radeon VII. :slight_smile:
But, how often do you render scenes > 7gb ?

Personally I would still go for the RTX2080 in this price category.
Even without the “RTX” feature. Just for the smaller compile times.
Cant find good rendertime comparisons but I guess the RTX2080 would be even a tad faster.

And if you have the money, then definately go for (multiple) RTX2080TI 11GB Id say. :wink:

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Well I would anyway prefer the RTX2080(Ti) cards as they are available in the blower design,seems only from Asus and PNY…never seen any such designs for AMD cards though…

Currently I just have a cheap RTX2080 running on Debian 9…as my old GTX1080Ti is on repair…(dunno if they can repair or replace it as it is obsolete ;o)

Any recommendations on motherboards? Taichi seems to be a good choice but the forth slot has all externl connectors underneath for external USB3, audio, reset/power button and the like…so only 3 GPUs would fit…

Maybe for a new macOS machine I will get a Radeon VII just for DaVincie Resolve Studio as it has more features than on Linux…though they still haven’t fixed the bugs in version 15 but already published version 16 beta 4 (o;

Anyway…I like the fact that blender can go full throttle with threadrippe and all GPUs installed…so much fun now :wink: