NVidia Product Open GL driver info and questions

I found this driver update for various NVidia Products (listed below)
and installed it… it is not the standard driver the auto-update finds and without it you cannot use OpenGL with the out of the box card (at least not the ASUS one I have).

The drivers are for:

  • Quadro series: 6000, 600, 5000, 410, 4000, 400, 2000D, 2000
  • GeForce 600 series: GTX 690, GTX 680, GTX 670, GT 645, GT 640, GT 630, GT 620, GT 610, 605
  • GeForce 500 series: GTX 590, GTX 580, GTX 570, GTX 560 Ti, GTX 560 SE, GTX 560, GTX 555, GTX 550 Ti, GT 545, GT 530, GT 520, 510
  • GeForce 400 series: GTX 480, GTX 470, GTX 465, GTX 460 v2, GTX 460 SE v2, GTX 460 SE, GTX 460, GTS 450, GT 440, GT 430, GT 420, 405

Now that I have installed it, I am able to use many features and a lot of other features run way more smoothly than before. If you don’t have it… get it.
EDIT: Other info… my clock temp at render was previously in the 70s, is now in the low 60s after this install.

Follow-up questions:

Does anyone know if another unadvertised version with newer support is available (or where people like me should go to check). Sadly, simply googling this is not particularly effective (or wasn’t for me).

Does anyone know if the extensions listed on the page I downloaded the 305.53 driver from are something I should also install for 3d work? I honestly am out of the loop and don’t know anything about extensions and how they are used. I’m all about increasing functionality of my hardware, but I also want to ensure that it’s something I am able to use and keep track of.

It’s not some special driver.
This is just beta of a next version of drivers. Speed-up may be just because bugfixes in this release, but new features may be unstable.

Those extensions you mentioned, are what’s new in this driver version. They are just new functions of OpenGL version 4.3.
This means, if you have graphics card listed on the site, those new features will be available for you, too code with them, or use in app using them. Blender doesn’t use those new extensions for now.

side note, if this is confusing
OpenGL implementations are in drivers, you don’t have to install it separately like DirectX.

Ah, yeah, the previous drivers discovered by NVidia’s automatic updating (304.79) about a week prior didn’t support OpenGL (or at least not a version that was sufficient for MakeHuman or Photoshop’s 3d painting features) which is what prompted my hunt.
I don’t know when those specific drivers were released or the 305.53 either for that matter…
Is there a way to keep tabs on when these drivers are released?

On the extensions, the only reason it was confusing was that the presentation made it seem like a list of download links to expand various forms of usability (which I presumed were pieced out so you could mix and match).

Thanks for clarifying, hopefully this conversation helps out some of the other people I’ve seen posting lately about buying new hardware.