NVIDIA Quadro 4000 2048 MB - GPU rendering not available?

(jsappo) #1

Hi everyone,

I can’t enable GPU rendering in Blender 2.72 with this card: NVIDIA Quadro 4000 2048 MB installed in my machine.

In File>user preferences>System CPU is the only option under Computer Device.

I’m reading that NVIDIA is the only brand that plays nice with Blender. AM I missing something here?

Please help.


(mib2berlin) #2

Hi, you need actual drivers for this card.
We need more info about your system, OS.
Some user have problems on Ubuntu Linux for example.

Cheers, mib

(jsappo) #3

Thank you kindly.

Your comment nudged me in the right direction. After researching the NVIDIA site further there was a recent CUDA driver update.

After downloading and installing, the preference was available to me and I have now been successfully using GPU based rendering vs. CPU.

I have noticed a negligible increase in speed. Does anyone know if I should expect a marked improvement? – I have nothing to benchmark this on.


(mib2berlin) #4

Hi, the is a slowdown compare to older versions of Blender on GPU.
Adding more features to Cycles GPU engine slows it down, unfortunately.
Quadro cards are slower compare to the gaming cards.
Try the GPU benchmark to compare with other cards.


Cheers, mib