Nvidia quadro driver for Blender?

Hey I was at this page http://www.nvidia.com/page/partner_certified_drivers.html and I noticed Blender in the list of ‘partners’ but it has no certified or recommended driver listed.
Seeing as how its nice of them to list us with all those other programs I wonder if someone should contact Nvidia officially with a recommendation…
Am I right in remembering Nvidia gave Ton some Quadro cards a while ago?
It might be good for relations to keep in contact… :wink:

He did indeed. I have one of those, and it seems to work nicely, although I don’t have something slower to compare it too…

I have a quadro at work, and it has all these nice settings for many 3D apps… anybody know which one would be best suited to be used for Blender?

(“application settings” 3Dmax, maya,softimage…plenty more)

The Quadro NVS at the office works runs Blender just fine with the latest drivers shrugs. I know, I know, it’s a statistical thing :wink:

i thought that those partners were using “GPU rendering” a quadro card runs nearly everything as well as a consumer card (except some games like plasma pong) but has the advantage of GPU rendering.


the advantage of the quadro is mostly a more reliable output between your editing window and the final render, also the depth and different buffers are optimised for getting good results instead of good framerates…

I read an article about the advantages of a quadro compared to a “vanilla” nvidia card on the nvidia homepage… I just can’t find it back…
The thing I remember (it’s hot, and my brain is shorting out, so I might be accessing my memory wrong here). Mostly it was about light being more accuratly simulated on a quadro and that it supported more light sources and that the GPU restrictions make it more like a CISC than a RISK processor on a quadro. Making the api calls more flexible and allowing for more nifty gadgets to have a render look good.

Of course you can use the GPU to render… but you’d have to really tweak the code to get as much out of your one or two GPU’s for the same calculations capabilities as a Quadcore CPU… and some things are nice, but just not worth the effort :slight_smile: