nVidia R331 (drivers) causes glitches.

I upgraded to R331 late night yesterday, today when rigging I had these glitches.

If you have the same issue, check in

User Preferences
Window Draw Method:

And change from Automatic to Full (it helped me but still not really solved)

OK, it didn´t change a thing, seemed to work but tabbing back to blender they´re back. :confused: So, maybe just skip this driver version if you can.

Thanks for the heads up. I pulled it down yesterday but I have not installed it yet. The nVidia readme seemed to claim amazing things for this new driver.

I would wait, trying to figure out how to roll back. Or find the cause and tell devs. I don´t think it´s due to Blender though. Setting “Window Draw Method” to : Full seemed to solve it a while until i typed on IRC and tabbed back to blender.

Worth mentioning I am on Win 8.1 fully updated, not on Ubuntu. Their Linux drivers might now cause this, I dunno.

Is it 331.65 or 331.56 because i remember they released 331.65 really quickly right after 331.56; im using win 7 and i don’t have problems atm. This stuff you posted use to happen at my old work computer which had a 570 from zotac , it happened when the card got too hot.

you should maybe check your temps.

I am afraid you should also consider to prepare for the worst.

Those triangular artifacts can occur:

  • GPU too hot
  • VRAM too hot
  • VRAM broken
  • PCB capacitator broken/about to blow

I’ve had no probs with .56 or .65 (win7pro x64)

You can try to run MSI Kombustor (part of Afterburner) to see if artifacts occur there as well when stressing the GPU.

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