Nvidia "Super" Turing refresh out for sale soon

Good news and bad news here.

Good news - Pascal holdouts will get better performance and better pricing with this refresh, this new series brings a noticeable performance increase over the initial Turing lineup.
Bad news - Early adopters of the overpriced Turing cards back in October will feel like they’ve made a bad decision. Some on Guru 3D already feel like they’ve been ripped off.

At the least, it seems like AMD’s new cards are actually potent enough to warrant this new lineup, but it also shows AMD’s struggles in making a good GPU as Nvidia is able to respond to and even top their every move. Though the much vaunted benchmark showing Navi being dead-on-arrival is heavy on Gameworks tech, which is designed first and foremost to be used with Nvidia cards.

Still, this is a nice sight for consumers.

For those who prefer producer’s articles w/o half page blocked to consent to “donuts” :wink:

NV LINK on RTX 2070… interesting :smirk:
although, this step was silently expected, next gen cards not before 2020 with ~20% better performance…
i also don’t get whiners complaining about all this - c’mon “you had a year of advantage which you haven’t seized”… meh, more of devolving human nature

Curious to see if the 2080ti price will drop a bit and if they will do a 2080ti super

& finally 2060 gets 8GB vRAM :relieved: