Nvidia Titan cards and Cycles?

So I was wondering if Cycles would take advantage of those new beasts? :evilgrin:

Will it work with cycles? more then likely yes, how good will the performance be? not sure, probably wont have a good price/performance ratio compared to the 580/680’s

The price isn’t for the power anyway, it’s for that delicious 6GB of RAM without having to shell out for a tesla card. Word on the street is they can pool vRAM as well, so two cards would mean 12GB usable. We’ll see how it pans out. If things work out I may be getting one that a friend got for review purposes tomorrow. He’s being flaky though, so who knows.

I did actually order one, then decided to cancel; I decided to wait and see.

£827 is a lot of cash; the lowest price I’ve seen.

And Scan even have an overclocked one at £983.75.

Will they work: yes. Will it be worth it? Only you can answer that.

There are some issues with the drivers for gpu compute, so not sure at this stage if they will work with cycles until drivers are updated.

They are tested with Octane Render already. Conclusion thus far:

The Titan is:

~60% faster than a GTX580. A Titan costs ~3-4 times the average price of a used GTX580 (depending on memory size)
~10% slower than a GTX690. A Titan is ~10% more expensive than a new GTX690.

So overall, besides the huge memory nothing speaks for a Titan for me… at least at this point.

Reading through the net it seems the users are of one opinion. Pricing is a joke, so is nvidias justification, that it is not a consumer card, but a luxury good. And if you want luxury you’re willing to pay for it.

As for viewport and 2D performance. It’s once again a card and driver highly optimized for DirectX and most likely Crysis 3, Unigine Heaven Bench and Futuremark, as those are the tools used this month to prove it’s power.
Who knows what nivida has done to the OpenGL pipeline this time, and while for instance Unigine also runs OpenGL, the requirements of OpenGL to run an application and a game are quite different.

I for once, just like with the 600 series, will lean back and wait and see. Buying the first Fermi cards available taught me a lesson to let others find the issues with new hardware… those who get free samples to test it :wink: