NVIDIA to Acquire Arm for $40 Billion

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We can say that it is a historical moment one of the most important of the last 15 years perhaps.
With the great diffusion of soc arm, with the experience of nvidia in the world of 3D and now the big steps with artificial intelligence and machine learning … we are at a moment of revolution …
Nvidia has made a big move on the board … now I’m curious to see how the market will evolve, especially to compensate for this move, I’m curious to see what Apple, AMD and Intel will do …
Many think that this move was made for the information technology and computers and mobile market, I think not, it’s all because of the automotive market si also in complete revolution with autonomous driving, but also for industry 4.0 and robotization in general. …
I can venture these hypotheses, because as it happens, that Tesla is also doing very well, and on September 22nd there are rumors that Elon Musk will make a revolutionary announcement on the new batteries, that the costs will be reduced and doubled if not tripled the capacity at the same volume and the number of life cycles.

I’m super interested as to what Apple is going to do because they have a long going dispute that made Apple never allow any Nvidia into any Mac. With Apple announcing all the computer will be run on ARM from their phones to their PCs I wonder what they will do.

Expect all cell phone prices will go up by double what the processor cost was before. Nvidia loves to overcharge for their stuff.

RISC-V could find itself suddenly getting very popular.


To note, the deal is not done yet because Nvidia will first need permission from regulators in the US, the EU, and China (so just one country saying no could jeopardize the whole deal).

On a more positive node, I can imagine an all Nvidia PC that might be pricey, but has great performance and it just works (providing any hypothetical platform and CPU code is as good as their GPU drivers). You already have to pretty much be an Nvidia fanboy if you want to be a serious 3D artist (AMD is reportedly getting better at graphics code, but they are not there yet).

You don’t have to be a fanboy to use technology that works.

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Apple has a perpetual arch license to make their own custom ARM chips. Nvidias acquisition doesn’t affect it at all.

Don’t forget the UK, where ARM is based. They’ve left the EU so that doesn’t cover them. :wink:

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Yeah did Apple This means nothing

They license the instruction set not the hardware

CPU gpu they do alone

What Nvidia wants with amd I am curious
Servers seems to be a big future as we go back to mainframes super computer grids

March 2019 (Stock ~ $150)

September 2020 (Stock ~ $500)

??? 2021 (Stock ~ $???)

Nvidia to acquire “???” for "$???B)

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This is exactly what I was trying to highlight in my comment, the great surge marks that, in the upper floors, they are already deciding this technological decade that is opening (who knows what hardware they have ready…) the same surge also had it Tesla, and I am sure it is due to Solid State BATTERIES (or something similar) that will be officially announced in a few days by Tesla, which will change the technological-robotic future (and in this, nvidia with AI technology fully enters).