Nvidia unveils AI that can create video games, or recreate games from scratch

This isn’t a joke, AI is now capable of taking a certain game and code its own version of it.

It is still a long way from making indie-quality games, a very long way from making something that shows creativity, and an extremely long way from some holy grail where you just type in a description and a game pops out. Still, it shows how far AI has come, and perhaps Nvidia can have their art making AI do some of the graphics next time. More practically though, I wonder if we’ll eventually see AI that can automatically fix bugs and errors in your code (regardless of the game engine used).

Still interesting, even though there’s no details of it at this time.


no details… maybe this method only works for 2d tetris /pacman looking games. anyway pretty interesting :popcorn:

My GOD! Is this true?!! I think this is Unbelievable! (the concept, I mean!)

Anyway, donno whether you’re a coder, but check this:

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