NVIDIA will enter the CPU market


I wonder if complete NVIDIA desktop systems will follow.


If their CPU’s end up being as good as their GPU’s, then there may be no need to even consider Intel anymore (because the i-series will be in third place behind the new brand and Ryzen). Nvidia has a lot of R&D money so I wouldn’t be surprised to see some good options at decent prices.

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I see some news - rumors - whatewer… that Nvidia target server market more than public. To be clear biggest money and business are in “professional” area. AI and severs are hole without bottom which can swallow whatever you put in it. Also there are rumors that they will Maybe make some … strange hybrids. They buy ARM so they will allegedly make some low power consumption stuff. Which mean that we hungry 3D people which prefer performance over electricity bill will not see some benefits, at least for some time. Bah, content creators are smallest market so I don’t have big hopes.

I’m not so sure about the decent prices, but I expect they’ll offer something compelling if they decide to dip their toes in the consumer CPU sector.

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Seems Nvidia want to concentrate on profiting from research labs and corporations that make heavy use of machine learning/deep learning/ AI. Their CPU is almost like their Ampere GPUs with concentration on low precision floating point and integer units.