Nvidia will support rtx dxr features in the gtx series


I can understand that reasoning.

I didn´t know it was possible to access hardware bvh accleration through OpenGL at all; last time I checked it said Optix and Vulkan only. Of course i am not proposing a Vulkan port just for the sake of porting :slight_smile:

Regarding dev time I agree with you and want to give my appreciation for the work on Cycles you have done among other things.

When going through OptiX, it’s easy. OptiX has had OpenGL support for a long time, long before Vulkan even existed.

No need to be upset. The article said you have to use Vulcan extensions to modify the glsl . I’m not a programmer and I don’t know how involved is that. Anyway I stand corrected apparantly it’s easier than I assumed. Maybe easy??

Since Vulkan is being discussed here, I thought this was relevant. Clement is working on Vulkan development.

What Vulcan will bring for eevee? Except real-time Ray tracing, I mean will speed up the rendering? Or the Eevee viewport animation playback?

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This is not really new info. Vulkan support has been in the plans for a while now if you looked at the viewport tasks. It’s slated as a low priority project to be completed over the course of multiple releases:

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so the OpenSubdiv gpu accleleration its the most less important? realy?

It would appear so.

I’m not gonna go in and complain about it, but that does seem a little out of touch with reality.

Well, maybe there’s considerations we don’t know about.

OpemSubDiv in 2.79 was less complete in its implementation, but it had both CPU multi-thread and GPU acceleration options. I’m not sure why re-implementing it would be a difficult thing to do.

Having a priority on performance for 2.81 would be a critical factor if the BF wants to stand by their tagline of the fun being back in 3D, how fun would it be to pose a character or edit a model at 1-3 frames per second?

It would also be critical because otherwise, Ton risks losing his license to excoriate Autodesk on their business practices, as he wouldn’t have anything that’s objectively better than what the ‘evil’ corporations are putting out.

Fortunately, this is something that is very much in reach as 2.8 is almost there already. Moving the view in editmode is already fast and it’s mainly geometry transforms that need a boost. OpenSubDiv acceleration should take care of most posing/deformation problems. The BF has also demonstrated for the 2.8 cycle that they are willing to let go of some of the old ideological points that held Blender back. Let’s not have the old FOSS ideology problem slam the brakes on any chance of Blender being a serious competitor to Maya, as this would likely be the most serious threat facing 2.8x at this point.

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(The third of September 2019)
Does anyone succeeded in making OptiX work with GTX cards ?
I have 4 graphics cards (GTX 1080Ti) running under Linux, for Cycles Rendering (Blender 2.80)
Just curious to know if OptiX could be installed and coud work …
Thank a lot for your replies


Thanks for theses informations about RTX Cards…
But have you seen infos about Blender, OptiX and GTX Cards ?