nView Addon (available on Blender Market)

Releasing my newest Blender addon, nView! It automatically hides or reveals objects in your scene based on their visibility from the camera. It can even include objects that are only visible from a reflection (such useful if your scene involves many reflective objects). Supports all object types as well as instanced collections within objects.

Useful to control and improve performance of your scene, both in the viewport and a render.


Be sure to check it out on the Blender Market: https://blendermarket.com/products/nview


A video demo will be very useful.

Yes, I am working on one currently (also mentioned in the backlog on the product’s page).

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Can it hide objects during playback?

From your viewport view or the camera’s view? From the viewport, no - that would be a heavy modal to run with a interactive, movable viewport + animation playback. Performance would be terrible; I’d rather leave a backend feature to be a backend feature.

If the latter, not yet - again, that’s mentioned on the product page backlog as “automatic keyframing for animations”. Ideally after setting your scene animation, the addon would generate keyframes to hide and reveal objects. Again, that’s in the backlog and will take time.

I regularly update the product page and backlog with all planned features. You can trust it to answer what this addon can and can’t do :slight_smile: I hope to demonstrate them in a published video soon.

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Camera viewport playback is what I am looking for.

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no gumroad option ??

No, just Blender Market for now.

It’s been a while. Here have been the updates to Blender Market so far:

  • 1.3.1 (Oct 2021) - n-bounces and a bug fix
  • 1.3.4 (Oct 2021) - invert selection option, bug fixes, minor performance improvement
  • 1.5.0 (Nov 2021) - improved view frustum culling, added input for bounce distance, removed input for using scene resolution for occlusion

Next steps are frame range inputs and keyframing! Also, here’s a brief how-to-use video (using 1.3.1).

Discord link for community, feedback and discussion: https://discord.gg/sfQnaRK6
I do make Blender Market my priority channel for direct contact for feature requests or tech support, so message there if that’s the case :slight_smile:

Thanksgiving 2021 release is out! (version 2.0.0) Featuring:

  • Animation support! Analyze visibility over a given frame range. There’s even an option to keyframe object visibility for playback and rendering.
  • More organized UI. Instead of using visibility attribute toggles that look like normal buttons, I opted to a prompt for visibility options upon clicking the operator buttons.

Here’s the new promo:
nView Promo (Thanksgiving 2021 Release)