Nviro: Again...

Hi. I’m back with some more Nviro stuff. Got some good cam views thanks to sistonia, but I still need some ideas for the environment. I will probably do a few sketches on what the environment will look like. I would also like for it to have quite a large free roaming game. If any of you have ideas for the environment or how to create an even larger environment without completely screwing up a computer let me know. Also check out my Animation with no Physics thread in Game Support and Help. Finally got a cool character and for the first time i’m usin animation in my games. But it won’t use the physics! If you know how to fix this plz let me know

Are there supposed to be pictures or something? I can’t read unless there are pictures to hold my attention!

…no, but seriously, this post seems to be missing something. I can’t seem to find any information on this but I’m pretty sure you need a certain number of posts before you can post links, is that maybe the issue?

whats Nviro?

Bump for clarification…

Srry guys. been kinda busy. ill get some screen shots and stuff up in a while. if you go farther down the list you’ll see my other post for Nviro. It should answer most of you questions. it also has the .blend file attached so have fun. Srry again, i’ll post the file shortly

if you already have a thread, why make a new one?

because this is a different file and stuff. just help stop critisizing lol.