Nviro: looking for ideas to add on to the environment, a good camera view + lighting

My current project is a game where all you do is explore the environment and find secrets. I am coming along fine but I am stuck with a few things. I can’t seem to get a good camera view or very good lighting. I will attach the .blend file so you can mess around with it. plz repost the file as a reply so I can look at and learn from it. thanx a lot!

p.s. you can also email me at [email protected]


Nviro_Mini.blend (316 KB)

Screen shots please.

Can’t you just download the .blend file? Unless I do blender on a different computer than I am curently modelling, I can’t take screen-shots cause its a cappy computer and it screws up the computer every time I even try to render a screenshot. I’ll do some stuff and see if I can get some though. Sit tight…

just press print screen on the keyboard.

o ok sure. ill do that in a bit

cant figure out how to play it =S

WASD to Move. You Kinda Need to have it in wireframe view instead of solid while you’re running it other wise you can’t really see the tunnels. You may also use the fly camera to scope the whole thing out b4 you try to figure everything out. o yeah and SPACEBAR is jump. If you can’t get a nice camera view plz post the .blend file in a reply or send me a PM with the file attached. THX

hey not sure what you wanted with the camera but i did some simple parenting and got some ok camera angles. press 1 2 and 3 are the different keys for the cameras when ingame. also i sized down the map and cube a little so camera 2 could work better