Nviro with anim

Okay, since i just got a new computer i will be able to this easier since the files will already be on this system. so now the problem is: i have a mostly animated character that obeys the keyboard’s controls but won’t obey the rules of physics. i will attach the file for you guys who continuosly complain about not havin stuff to play with…


Cryptic Acrobat.blend (926 KB)

Is it just me or is this the third thread on this one project? Unless this is a different ‘nviro’ it’s really best to just post all your updates in one thread.

this is the third post for this project, but, every post has had a different file.

But every post is a different thread. It’s not a very difficult concept- one project, one thread. Not one project, 3 threads. If you put the files in the same thread, it’ll not only be easier for people to see how it has changed, but you won’t be bumping more worthy projects farther down the line.


seriously lol