Nyan Cat Racing RELEASED!

Nyan Cat Racing is a one-day game I created in about 5 hours. You can play the computer or race your friends locally! Please give it a try!

If you are to lazy to read the comic in the game…
Player one: W and S
Player two: Arrow Up and Arrow Down
Player three: Left Click and Right Click
Goal: Eat Nyan Stones to get speed boosts and win the race.
Helpful Tip: Going up makes you go backwards and going down gives you speed.


I honestly cannot fathom a means to respond to this thread.

The type of response I will cherish involves laughing, haha.

That game is so wrong but its so right! But why stop there?

Now make a game of this:

Warning: not for kittens of a nervous disposition!

Or this:

Who needs sanity? Both these are by a twisted genius called Cyriak.

By the way (and back to reality for a second), how is your 1st person game going?

I think the graphics are great :wink: Nice work

wow haha that is just an odd game type to use but even so you made it nice.

Haha, I love Cyriak’s videos. Crazy how they have millions of views now, I saw him when they were in the 10,000-300,000 range. First person game is going slow, I’m totally changing directions with it so I can actually finish it. Instead of an open world war simulation, it’s going to be a slightly linear FPS action game.

Puts in ear plugs then downloads

It was hard to control :\ And once you are in back you stay back. . . Good work! :slight_smile: