NZXT Nemesis Elite

All right, despite having several unfinished projects I decided to start yet another one… this time it’s my case :smiley:
There are several pictures in the link above, however google-ing for pics will do the job too…
Anyways I decided to make the hardest(for me at least) part of the case first - the front panel. Here’s the progress so

As you can see, I’m almost entirely focused on the front “plate”, as I’ve never done any curve things before. Took me two hours of experimenting with SubD and fixing proportions… yet it ain’t perfect. C&C welcome :slight_smile:

Looks good. I have lots of unfinished projects too. Keep at it!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Anyways, here’s an update. It’s shaping up…

I think you are making it look very much like the case. It looks like it would be a very fun project to do. I am very interested in watching this to completion.

Thanks :slight_smile:
You’re right about the fun part - I really needed something refreshing as I was completely stuck with the sci-fi machinery theme… Then I looked at my case’s front panel and decided to give the whole thing a try :slight_smile: Plus I’ll get some SubD training meanwhile…
Just before I go to bed I’ll state that the front part of the case is NOT completed(the fan grill and the power button).

All right, a small update… I hope I’ll have the front plate done in two hours or so. Anyways, here’s the small progress:

Mainly added material settings, changed lightning and renderer(it’s Yafray now, 4xAA, renders way faster than the internal for me, however that might be due to smt. else too…),added a placeholder for the “eye” light and modified the front fan grill(not done yet anyways). Hope you like it and C&C is welcome as always :slight_smile:

Little progress due to me being a lazy*** and playing counter-strike…
Decided to tune the front panel later and go directly for the side panel(with that nasty fan grill which proved to be easier than expected). I also played around with the materials but things but honestly I don’t like the results that much :slight_smile: Also I spotted some problems with the front panel but those will have to wait… might as well remodel the door piece except for the plate. Anyways, here’s the thing:

That rendered in Yafray with 4xAA (faster than the internal for some reason).
C&C Welcome as always :slight_smile:

This time the side panel is almost finished - I’ll use a bumpmap(or a normalmap, not sure) for the NZXT letters since they gave me some trouble. Otherwise I need to add the screws, the fan itself and some other things and I can consider it done and go back to the front panel… Anyways, here’s the pic:

C&C welcome, although the thread doesn’t seem to be popular :slight_smile:

P.S. The inside of the case ain’t reflective, I’ll fix that in the next update most probably

pretty sweet! nice job.