O-pen pro-ject

greet ings to the community
i would set up some kind of open project and see how far it can go
totally open and shareable
I’m interested if there are those who are interested, of course
what wacky ideas do other people get at a clip like this

certainly desirable suggestions and remarks on tracking…
some parts look suspicious to me
affine tracking model
clip ”shot“ with something eyephone… 6… in the red coat …
basic scene eevee♥ render

1920x1080 in the original
cameraUP.z01 (5 MB) cameraUP.z02 (5 MB) cameraUP.z03 (5 MB) cameraUP.z06 (5 MB) cameraUP.z07 (5 MB) cameraUP.z08 (5 MB) cameraUP.z04 (5 MB) cameraUP.z05 (5 MB)
I’m not sure if the blend file includes\contains the movie clip

take, cut, mount de-assemble …have fun

some ideas for action hunting skech

my eevee shadow catcher
someone who knows something pliz say something about holdout node instead transparent node
is it bed or not
anyway it works

and another one

I looked at all the tutorials and this one is working the best so far
…for this occasion of course

You have some real informative work there. I like.
Gonna keep watching because it looks like you are having fun as you learn.

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definitely thanks for appreciating:::slight_smile:
trying learnig … :nerd_face:

really lazy sunday…
… there is no light in the world
just hdri some similar woods (urban street actually) and fry at 0.873 power
certainly thanks to user 0451 on ssgi build
it definitely looks better
was a problem with shaowcatcher because it requires the sun supposedly …

and some more
must be me i like 60fps… :woozy_face:
but it turned out to be abnormally trackeble
better solves than shooting :gun:(filming) on 30fps
I was hoping it would still wander off (fspy back alley graffiti sofa projected image)but it all happened too fast so I cut it
inspiration from some unity movie
with a totally cool raven about which they said nothing…
but talked about some corridor/tunnel transition…
so here’s a step closer to that raven… tunnel

slow version 30fps
movie editor busines…
low low low quality
cut even frames
couldn’t upload file was big

spec thnxxx to eevee SSGI build