Using a dynamically offset rotational servo target walk cycle,
and a real time displacement map of a mesh using voxel input data for the terrain
(optical+sonar or a progressive scanning Laser Ranger)

this controls a set of rep rap printed “leg braces” powered by a package of servo or linear motors in a back pack along with batteries,

I have many of the needed things already,
but I need TONS of help,

so help?

How many projects are you currently working on ?
I have seen a lot of your posts flooding the forum lately, but it seems you haven’t made anything.

Follow tutorials for a few months and then start a project when you feel like you have enough knowledge to make something.

I have a game, called Wrectified, that moves forward every night,
is to help my wife, because she can no longer walk, do to ALS, please retreat back to troll town, and build a home there,

I have many older games I have made, that I did not finish, because they were just to learn what I needed to do wrectified
Aliens3d- a gravity / ufo game
Brobots- a shooter
27 min tank game

just because I don’t give it all away for free does not mean it does not exist,

Did you even read the post?
why don’t you go back to thinking about why your on the forum…
I am here to help, and be helped…

You go into other people’s threads to promote your project, double and triple posting, and you send everybody PMs asking them to do free work. You talk big all the time, bit you have nothing to show for yourself. You dismiss everyone who disagrees with you or thinks you’re being annoying as a troll. Also your posts are really smarmy and you somehow don’t know how to form cohesive paragraphs without breaking them up into multiple lines. It’s not impressive, it’s just douchy. I don’t believe for a second that you’ve written one single line of code on this project. If you want me, or anyone else, to believe otherwise, prove it. Right now your alleged projects are just a Russell’s Teapot drifting off in an undedectable orbit.

So yeah, seriously. If you want anybody to do free work, prove you’re doing real work with real results. Lets see some source code. Photos of you building prototypes and strapping them on your wife (and subsequently discovering that rep rap printed plastic is less durable and more expensive than scrap steel). You’ve posted cell phone photos of your monitor in place of screenshots: if that doesn’t scream incompetence then I dunno what does. Point is, you’ve got a lot of proving to do before anybody’s going to give you a lick of respect.

Hey the forum not for flamewars.

recording without effecting frame rate, is dumb I guess…
I don’t know what your problem is, I am trying to do good things, I have working prototypes for many of my projects that I talking about, I have existing games, I have mentioned things in the past… that have happened, dig through the forums :slight_smile:

I don’t hate you, please don’t hate me,
rep-rap plastic has to do with the system that delivers a media… I can print in diamond if I had the $

I have had a dream of a game I am trying to achieve, I have people who are helping me effect that outcome, if you have a dream, I will help you, I am here to help, and be helped,

What do you want me to do?


Here is a torque based walk cycle,

The dynamic core needs to be replaced with a rigid body,
I need the change in angle to apply force, on the “core”
(balancing using torque)

I have ideas, and code, and concepts,
I also have people who have pledged to print the first prototype,
I am gradually gathering funding for the hardware (servos and very light bike parts…)

Do you have something to contribute?

this is not Representative of the end result I am looking for but I am doing this, so we can all come up TOGETHER a more effective method for a means to a end,

one thing I notice, people mock what they do not understand,

Also, ALT-Start walk cycle
WSAD - turn/lean forward and back
space jump
X duck


TorqueWalkFinalk.blend (605 KB)

What you are working with sounds very cool but I think that people have a hard time believing that what you are doing will succeed without seeing detailed plans and blueprints on how everything will work when it’s finished. The vision you have is very complex and requires a lot of hard work and knowledge of advanced engineering and without seeing HOW this will be accomplished, people will continue to doubt.

To get people of your back and maybe start contributing I’d suggest to start writing more detailed posts and not just summarize the more complex advancements and sketches. A good idea is also to adhere to standard forum rules as much as you can, e.g. edit posts instead of posting multiple times when adding information, stay on topic in threads and not promote own projects in other peoples threads.

I do hope you will succeed and I can see that you have made several positive advancements in your projects. I wish you the best of luck and will continue to follow your progress! :slight_smile:

Ok first off, there is the light version, which will be for the people who could walk, but are to weak, (they can still move, just not well) it will use pressing against the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pressure_sensor to “scale” there output based on a weekly or even daily measurement of patient strength, so a week leg gets help, not a healthy one beyond not carrying any extra weight the system ads to that leg,

this system will use basically very strong bike break cables -Src-1- http://www.pasteall.org/pic/46077
that are linked to individual servos in a back pack, with 2 large lithium Ion 12 volt batteries,

these connect to each joint, think about making it in a game, then draw it…
I will have a concept model, top it, tinker help me change it,
but basically any small muscle needs a equivalent servo

the idea is mine originally ,
it’s our idea now…
it’s not my project
it is our project
where do you think we should go first?

the "total"version for people who can not even move there legs, will use a radar, sonar, progressive laser scanner array etc,
this will map a real time displacement mesh that exists in the game engine, this would then be used to position the next step, based on walking patterns,

I will test the system on me, or anyone else willing to test it near where it gets rep-rap printed or cast etc,
I don’t want to test it on the handy-capped… initially (I would rather hurt me)

I am in need of help,
fear the toy maker, because he makes pretty things, that do things people do not understand,
Game makers are the next world hackers,


Have you heard of Kawasaki’s Power-Assist Robot Suit helps Humans lift Heavy Objects.They are others as well.

Yes, and HAL, and HULK and big dog,

Look for Fresto bionic, they got some great stuff.

Very cool akira !
how is everything?
how is your project going?

I still got a weekend of work, maybe even more after that.

need anything? (I know you can’t pay me)


This thread is on hold until I finish wretified

This project is canceled

this is a better solution

I guess your going have to think up another project.Since they stole your thunder.

Nope, I am super glad they did it, it was so people could walk,

I am just glad it happened, now people might be able to walk/ not die of despair and isolation/bed sores
I had a friend that was dear to me, pass away @ 64 from bed pneumonia
No one should be driving a Ferrari until everyone can walk…

I have another project- called Wrectified :slight_smile:

The torquewalkfinal.blend is cool…