Oahu Amakihi

I created this piece on commission for a friend as a graduation gift for another friend.

The graduate for whom this work was designed received her PhD in Hawaii (note the islands in the pond) studying a bird, the Oahu Amakihi, which only lives on Oahu (the island upon which it is perched). She also studied the disease ecology of malaria in these birds and mosquitos as a reservoir for the parasite.

Made with Blender 2.57 and GIMP.

Link to site and blog post.

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The water looks out of place, and in a scene such as this, its a major contributor to the composition. I presume you wont be working on this anymore.

The bird looks nice. There are quite a few things you could improve upon, but still, fine piece.

Yeah, there are definitely a ton of things I would have liked to fixed or changed. Unfortunately I was under a really tight schedule. I didn’t even think I would get it presentable in time.

I like the feathers! Can you post the settings for the material and particles?