Oak Pass House - Wine cellar

Hi guys!
I want to share with you today another project I made in Blender using Cycles.

After I finished MAKING OF Oak Pass House I decided to create also interior shots from this project by Walter Workshop architects. Photos by Joe Fletcher were a great inspiration, so these renders are an attempt to reproduce them. What do you think about it?


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It looks just perfect!

NOt bad this render have a octane look!

Pekna praca!

Stunning renders and super high quality shots. Perhaps work on the bottle and the liquid in side. These dont looks as good as all the other materials

really good (maybe just the repeating wood material could be more random). How many samples did you use?

Great stuff!.. I really like the reflections you have going on…

I really like the mood in the first render. Thanks!!

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much also for advice! For next project I try to improve those materials. Any other ideas what to improve?

Cant see all details properly, either the image has a lot of compression or there is noise reduction used. For instance i cant see texture on the wall, no bump or paint structure. But perhaps its not there.

indeed, you make rework the bottles, too many reflections on them

architecture part is perfect!

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Very good looking. A little bit clean. Maybe some imperfections like dust or smudges make it more realistic.

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I agree in the terms of imperfections, but otherwise it is a great render. )

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