Oasis - *Final Version - page 2*

Well, this is my latest project. Made it in about 24 hours or so…

EDIT Big final version uploaded :wink: see page 2. EDIT

I know its a small render, but since it takes so long to render I wanted to get your suggestions so that i can make any needed changes before I render bigger.

Please Comment! :smiley:

Very cool. Was it per chance inspired by the trash dump scene in ‘the labarynth’?

nope. havent seen that movie :wink: (i hear i should tho, apparently its a classic)

The movie on the whole is quite good, though, you may from time to time feel overwhelmed with cuteness. The trash dump scene however is one of the best movie scenes of all time imo, and the movie is worth seeing if only for that one scene.

love that style …

to help you for the renders why don’t you try http://www.renderplanet.com
it’s a free renderfarm service website, some friends of mine tryied it and it works !!!

hey Blenergetic,
One great piece of work once again. Congrats. I love it. I like the way it monochromatic except for that window. And you’ve got an incredible amount of details in here. It’s true it reminds that scene in Labyrinth as Modron said. I also love that movie :slight_smile: And the sky is great too. was it done from scratch in photoshop or gimp? or is it a picture?
My only crit is the fact that somehow we feel a bit of repetition in the trashes. I think you can use the same objects several times, but you shouldn’t reuse those in the same position and scale IMO.
Anyways, I like it.
Keep it up.

to me because the junk is soo good… the hut looks too clean/straight/lacks charactor… in keeping with the junk theme I wound like to see a ramshackled hut, roof sagging in the middle, guttering and downpipe hagging and sad, window sill or frame to give depth, light escaping from between disjoined wall boards etc.

I don’t agree at all. Obviously, the pic is called oasis for that specific reason. The house is better clean than ruined imo.

apart from the window*, i think this render is almost perfict, a great oasis

*(if the window was more white,or had blind with light shining through)

hey all i just downloaded renderplanet but i get an error: The PSAPI.dll linked to missing export NTDLL.dll:ntAllocateVirtualMemory
please help me fix this

Incredible detail in the trash and nice mood to it :slight_smile:

thanks for the comments everyone! :smiley:

yeah, i have to disagree about the house being ruined. Its supposed to be an oasis of warmth, light, comfort in the middle of a desolate landscape.

I’ll try adding a window frame/cill, and i’ll see if i can do anything about the repetitiveness in the trash.
Anything else i need to work on before i render 1024x768?

I have to say I am quite impressed.

First and foremost, your blender skills are quite good, in addition, the grasp of color, lighting, and texture you displayed is considerable.

I agree with some of the statements here regarding the “trash” or “refuse” and how it does look relatively uniform, however when first viewing your image that was the effect I believed you were going for.

I guess the more important question is, where do you draw your inspiration from?


cool stuff blenergetic!
I like this image a lot. nice little details too- I like how you have two mounds of refuse, the small dof and darkness on the further one, and the colored light from the window. The choice of sky background is interesting- it looks really nice, somehow both real and not real at the same time. I like it.

ok guys, last update b4 i do a bigger render (i think) :slight_smile:
see top post.

I think that it needs a path or something to the front door. Or maybe a no solicitors sign! :wink:

this work is trash :wink:

thanks for the comments guys :slight_smile:

i present to you now my final version:

-Bigger render (duh)
-Some subtle rust on the junk
-A little glow on the light cast on the junk from the window

errr thats all i think :wink:

please comment!

Wow, that’s definitely got mood, doesn’t it? I like that a lot. :smiley:

I like it, excellent changes.

Any possibility of getting a large render (1280x1024)? Or the .blend file to cut one myself?

I’m very interested in your method for generating the refuse, is each piece individually done? Dupliverts?