“Sometimes, with a bit of luck, the fire fruit grows from the ancient bulbs, transforming one part of the wasteland into an oasis… The gnut-kha will harvest this year.”

Hi folks, I would gladly recive your critiques, opinion, or wathever you like to say about my work or anything else! I made this image for the BG Another Planet Competition, it was really fun, I never done an exterior before, hope you like it


Very nice! I really like it. :slight_smile: It has great atmosphere and a lot of story.

Interesting work. Very imaginative.

The fire fruit bulb looks really good, everything here just looks so… Alien :slight_smile:

Great job man, good luck in the competition :smiley:

Excellent idea. Quite a lot of SF story contained in only one image. Very well executed and realistic (in a totally alien way). Gallery piece!

Nice concept, very creative.

I love the color combinations you used. It’s really nice on the eyes. The details you put into the roots look great, well done!

Very creative! Well done!

Thanks guys! Im very glad to see your comments :smiley:

beautiful work.one can imagine the nature of the world and its people from this single picture.

Thank you Remade! :smiley:

this is really cool. nice concept and render.

Thanks Modron!