ob.orientation=(GameLogic variable) works correctly in rev. 19605, but not anymore

Because I just…

EDIT: I see the problem is with the orientation property, everything else works.

Is this a bug, because I see when I try to do something like (Example) ob.orientation=GameLogic.orient, it doesn’t work the way it should even after I have the value plugged for the GameLogic variable, it worked in revision 19605, now my objects that the script uses to orient them disappears to space.

Nothing should stop working between 2.48a and 2.49, if it does its a bug and should be reported.
EDIT ok there are some changes in behavior but these are fairly rare and in most cases should not break games.

Well I don’t know what parts of the scripts are the problem so I can’t pinpoint bugs, all I know is that the revision, which is the newest optimized windows build off of graphicall, broke most python stuff in my game, this done in the version of my game that has all the scripts ported to use the new API system and not getting any deprecation warnings as of revision 19605.

The version where I didn’t do the porting stuff works like a charm, but I don’t know where the ported version of the scripts could’ve broke.

Pinpointed the problem, it’s with the orientation property, see first post for details.

Can you please make a bug report with a simple example that works in 2.48a and breaks in trunk?

I was having the same problem with the orientation property in 2.49rc1. I didn’t see it in the bug tracker, so I submitted it myself (18601) with an example file.

Own stupid mistake, 2 line fix :frowning:
Made worldOrientation writable so you can set the rotation even when the object has a parent to make up for this blunder.