Obama's caricature (stylized ^^)

Hello everybody!
That is going to make soon on one year which i am not to connect on blendeartist but i do not return empty hand, i come you presented the wip of my project which is already advanced :).

Here is some image

Sculpt and modeling(retopo)

UV texture painting…test SSS

Garment modeling and texture

:slight_smile: I would post(show) the other image soon… cyu

hello :slight_smile:

test riging

test render / light / SSS … hair shape

customize my armature…:RocknRoll:

good work.

Great work, hillarious. :slight_smile:

:rolleyes: thank you all !

here research scenario animation test lol (so sad)

and here a picture test… where i was optimise: the haire’s effect, the texture of garments…


final render :cool:

thanks to comment!

next step : make a very short animation…

Ah ha! I wonder what Mr. president will think!

:smiley: i don’t know, but this caricature is a very cool character

hello! 2 picture of my project :slight_smile:

looks good!

Tell the big spender his One term is almost over.

hehe, good job :smiley:

Tell the misinformed he still has a lot of cleaning up after the Bush disaster. That was the real big spender of working middle class dollars.
Too bad he’s not around for another 8. It’ll take longer than that to clean up prior GOP wars and tax cuts for the wealthy, oil and gas boy’s in Texas plus others.
Not a political opinion. I just keep up with the facts and not the hype.

Hello everybody! (sorry for my poor english)
and for your coment :slight_smile:

It’s ok, its ok TRock!
It’s just a thread in the forum where i show my project in blender. You can put your opinion about it’s, that can maybe give me an idea for intended animation ^^ .
for this caricature i chose obama… Because i have find that he has a nice head especially to deform it… xD It’s also can be for that the American elected Obama with 59.865.108 voices(votes) (52 %) -.^
Making of him the 1st black president of a big country!?
I find that admirable :wink:

Nice work, it reminds me of that old British satire show spitting image.

Really good blend. Great idea to do it as a bust.

Hey Symphony, very creative.
Sorry if I jumped on this. I just have little patience for this in a forum for art and a place people come to relax and share their talents.
Great job. Thanks.

hello I am back hihihi :slight_smile:

Time flies, omg… :eek:

these last time i was very overflowed :mad: and i could not work on the animation of my project. :o

i am in vacancy!! And quiet until October then I am going to take advantage of it to end the demo video of the project, make my blog and interests me in Python/BGE :cool:

Cyu :wink:


Looking very cool so far! Have a nice holiday! (Perhaps you could make some animation during the holidays)