Oberon Class Titan Walker

ok hey guys, this is somthing that i drew up last night, and i decided to make this evening. i wanted it to be really big! but seeing as this is still a WIP in its early stages, i can worry about that later, anyway, without further ado, let me know what you think.


Looks really good for the first part of a WIP! You might want to make it a little more, well… less strait. Make more curves in the body to give it a better look. How it works. Good Luck!

The lighting looks very good. Adding on to what he said, it seems a bit “flat”. I think maybe some detail in the hull would help.

yea, i am adding hull deatil right now, and making it more “curvy” it might take me a little while though to get a balance that i like, but thanks for the feedback.

hey guys, i made it not…curvy but more of a shape than a basic cube and added more realistic platiing (all modeled on, not bumpmap) and i finally have a way of showing you a perspective size… in the pic with the turret from the oberon class that spec you see is a dropship holding 200 troops!


Wowza! How would someone build something that huge? And where would you keep it?!

Anyways, good modeling, good idea. But the body still needs some more “organic” feel to it. Maybe after you texture it, it will look a little more realistic.

well guitar man this is one of 3 “super tanks” only built on the homeworld of the regadians which is HUGE!!! about 3 times the size of our sun. it can travel short distances in space beacause that is the only way to get it around to different planets, anyway, i will give a histroy of it later on. but thanks!

EDIT: Well organic isnt really the regadian style of things, they just want the job done, and as fast as possible

ok, i sent this pic to my mate (the guy who designed the regadian faction) and he didnt like the blockyness, anyway here is the updated version


Yeah, that’s a bit better. Keep it up!

How’d you do the knee and hip joints and the sphere at the base of the cannon?

Personally, I like the boxy version better, but that’s just because I like AT-AT’s. Both versions remind me of this

both of those are spheres with a script on them, see if you can work out which? if you cant i will tell you tomorrow

solid wireframe. Thanks. I hadn’t even got to looking at the scripts yet.

ok no problem, scripts are really useful, use them more often