Obi Wan Episode 3 Lightsaber Work in Progress

Hello! :cool:

I am very new to Blender, but wanted to post a 3D model I have been working on. It Obi Wan’s lightsaber from episode 3!

Here’s an image of what I’m trying to model:$%28KGrHqEOKiUE5,KiHN9LBOW-u%21OCz%21%7E%7E60_3.JPG

Thanks for looking, and criticism is very welcome! :yes:

Not a bad start at all. Are you going to try it in Cycles? It would handle that shiny thing very well.

Sorry, I’m not quite sure what you mean…

Cycles is a rendering program.

I googled it and it looks awesome, so yes I’ll now be using Cycles! :slight_smile: