Obi-Wan's Lightsaber

Hi all. Its been a while!

So today I just randomly decided to work on something in Blender. Last time I was on vacation I had started modeling Obi-Wan’s light saber, so I decided to finish that up. So after a bit of blending, I came up with the following:

Obviously, there are still some details missing and no textures yet, but that will change.

Any comments or criticism welcome!


I like the modeling so far, and especially the fuzzy reflection off the ground. To complete this effect, you should move the lightsaber up (or the plane down) just a little bit, so that the lightsaber is truly “floating”. Nice work!

Good job! The tutorial for a good blade, that I didn’t make, can be found at:

Good work!!! Made the materials.

Okay, so I started on the texturing and materials. I finished the pommel, but I’m not quite happy with it. Perhaps its too rough?:confused:

Your thoughts?


No, it looks like metal. Looks good.
You’re very good modelling.
EDIT: I searched for the lightsaber, the pommel is too dark. Set the material colors closer to white…

I’ve tweaked the materials a bit. I see what you mean about it being too dark, however I believe that is due to the background, which is dark, and the fact that the ground plane is essentially a fuzzy mirror. Here is the same image with nothing changed but the sky.

And here is another version, but with some changes to the shader:

Which do you think is better?


IMO the top one is a little more realistic, but the bottom is more aesthetically appealing.

Great job on the modeling, hopefully this turns out good.


Ok, for now I’m keeping the top one, although I may tweak it further later.

Anyway, I did finish texturing the rear grip. There’s something about it as it stands thats bugging me…

Any suggestions?


EDIT: Oh, I almost forgot. I remodeled the rear grip upon further inspection of my references; thats why it looks different from the previous renders.

the grip should be less shiny, less textured, and darker, i might be wrong though.

The reflections do seem a little off. And a little plasticy. Fixing that might help the overall look. Good work so far though!



what´s that white stuff? it kinda ruins it.

The original part used to make the rear grip was a metal gear. If you observe the photos of the original prop, or even the master replicas version of it, you can clearly see chipping on the edges where the original bare metal shines through.


Oh that is what that is… I thought that it was supposed to be reflections and failed. I see that now. Ok looks good man!

Very realistic metal material, Lando!
Keep going!

Well, its been awhile since the last update, but I’ve been really busy with other things.

Anyway, I finally got around to working on this again yesterday, and I textured the lower cylinder portion (originally a connecting tube from a Graflex 3-cell flash-gun). I also tweaked the shader settings on the rear grip and found a setting I’m much more happy with.

Please let me know what you all think.


As far as the rear grip goes, I would check out the (by now well known) tut on Metal Texturing, as the part that goes over chipping of paint on a metal surface would really help to make those chipped parts clearer visually (as it does, it does just kind of look like random splotches of something, with a bit of work and texturing/painting, rust and grime and slight cracks, it could sell it). Overall though, the texturing so far is going pretty damn good, and the model itself is outstanding.

I see what you mean about the rear grip, but I’m not sure exactly which metal texturing tutorial you’re referring to. Do you have a link or the name of the author?


Well, I decided to pretty much give up on the chipped metal idea for now. I did redo the texture (twice actually), and I’ve come up with this.

Comments and critiques welcome.