Obi's F1 2006

Hi all,

I hope I can finish this by the submission deadline, I’ve got some other stuff going on at the moment. But this year I’m going for better than 3rd place, so prepare to lose everyone!

Anyway, I just have some sketches at the moment. This thing has gone through several revisions, and this is probably pretty much the final design.

I will update with some modeling here soon.


I don’t understand what design you’re going for here. It looks flat to me. Where does the driver go, and how is it propelled?

It’ll certainly be interesting to see the first renderings.

It’s most likely propelled by some kind of gravitic levitation or other (probably repulsorlift), or perhaps an Ion Engine or two?

It is, afterall, Obi.

Gah. . .

Well, I haven’t found much time to work on this, I hope I can get it completed by the contest’s end.

A few pics of my little progress. . .

The stuff in the cockpit is all placeholder, just to give a scale of the F1.

Any thoughts are welcome.

What’s that supposed to mean? :stuck_out_tongue:


Nothing, except that you have had a tendency in the past to have heavily star wars based vehicles.

Update time. I’m going out of town for a few days, but then I’ll step into high gear to get this thing done by the deadline (I hope :rolleyes:).

I know some of the parts are looking disjointed at the moment, but that should be fixed with textures.


i like it. I was wandering how are you going to get in final render both sides into render, so here is my few cents worth: It could be on top of ocean and in an angle which makes the background be reflected in ocean.
Hmm sense of speed, lot of metal and reflections that would neat final render, in my opinion.

Textures progress:


Wow. love the textures. Are you modelling the pilot?

really great stuff, I only wish this were a PJ and not a damn entry!

nice work, cant wait to see a sceen

I would like your base settings for light, AO (If is’t internal), Light and so on… I love your settings. Your modelling is outstanding! Realy love it!

Looks like you got some texture stretching on the wing (At the thin edge)

Wow… Really nice job.

What a change since the first sketch! It’s gone from a “what in the world” to “Holy cow!” Great job.

Nice! I, too, am curious about your lighting setup, etc. Can’t wait to see more!