OBJ export not working Blender Tiger OS X


a student of mine has OS X Tiger and the latest Blender and OBJ export script.

When ever she clicks export in the python export dialog box, nothing happens.

Does anybody know how to fix it or what the cause is?


nobody has an idea?

no other os x people having that issue?

hi, not that I use a mac, but is the right python install being used for the Blender version.
check the Blender.org downloads section for correct py versions for Blender 2.48a & Python.

I’m on OSX and not having that issue. It’s Leopard for me, though. I remember it working in Tiger, but that must’ve been a then current Blender version.

It would be a good idea to look at the console for errors. You can do this through console.app (in applications/utilities), but I’ve had problems with that. I recommend making a small applescript, I’ve described the process here.

Once you have the console output, there’s a good chance it’ll tell you what went wrong.

She is on Tiger and no extra python installed. Just the standard Blender build as well.
I will see next week what I can do.