OBJ export options

On 2.5, Blender doesn’t seem to automatically present me with the saving options when I go to export an OBJ, and because of that, it apparently exported everything in the file, rather than just the object I had selected. Where do I get in to access the settings I want when exporting?

Look in the lower left corner of the blender file browser window when you select where to save the obj

You should move on to 2.6 firstly, secondly the options are offered, just not as popup. You’ll see them bottom left in the save file dialog.
There’s a checkbox
[ ] selection only.

Quite amazing how many people don’t see those. Almost as often as people don’t see the offered parameters after using a function in the edit/object mode.
I seriously start to doubt it was a good idea to put some things where they are :slight_smile: