OBJ export, texture maping problem

I cannot get the texture map to export properly in OBJ format, I dont know what I am doing wrong, but anything I import to any other application does not have the textures appled. reopening in blender is fine.

Help would be great


If you export from Blender to an obj file and you reimport THAT VERY FILE in Blender(be sure to have a new session of blender not to have any previous objects/text in memory)
and it still contain the images : 2 possibilities:

1:the problem is your other software and your skills about using it
(check if there is options for importing)
2: probably the most logical, your obj maybe does not record relative directories
so maybe the other soft you use cannot just find the textures

cannot help much here

I think textures must be saved in the same directory as the meshes as the .map files don’t contain directory-names.

usually the obj, mtl and texture files should be all the time be in same folder. I put even the blend, and the initial texture file insame folder where later I export the obj, mtl and texture.

Your other package obj importer could be not a complete one, also.Happens often.

BTW, I think that you mean texture linking, mor ethan texture mapping… It can sound confusing…as other thing that happens often in conversions is uvmapping coords lost…that’s really worse…as if u only loose the material/texture link, you reassign in the other package, no real hassle if few objects…

BTW, do as we mentioned of keeping all in same folder…I use ideasman obj export script and I think last time it worked well…

thanks Ill try that

NO good, all the files are in the same folder, and I cannot import an exported object from blender into anything. (just blank white objects) I can use other objects and the textures show up correctly in all applications.

I will keep trying


just updated.