OBJ export

I love the new fluid sim in 2.4. My question is regarding exporting the objects in sequence to other 3d formats. Presently the only way I can do it is by exporting the mesh at each frame of the animation to an .obj for example. I know zilch about python scripting. Is there a simpler way to do this? Hitting file/export 250+ times is somewhat boring.


In the obj export script obj_export.py, comment out the FileSelector call and replace with.

# Commented file selector line.
# Window.FileSelector(save_obj, 'Export Wavefront OBJ', newFName('obj'))

outfile = 'c:\	emp\\anim_obj_' # Use this to set the output path.
scn = Scene.GetCurrent()
context = scn.getRenderingContext()
frames = range(context.startFrame()+1, context.endFrame()+1)
for frame in frames:
	save_obj('%s%.4d.obj' % (outfile, frame))

Brilliant. Thanks very much!


it might be worthwhile to edit the main script to allow the user to choose eithier regular export or sequence of frames


How can I do that in OSX version?