OBJ exporting


I would like to export a textured OBJ mesh (its a STL exported from CATIA) with Blender but the result is crappy : I loose many many faces, but no vertex

10670 faces
Result : only 1036 faces
http ://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/263535meshlab.png

Ubuntu 12.04
Blender 2.62
MeshLab 1.3.0

I use the default OBJ export options.

What can I do ? Thanks

Post a link to your blend file.

The file is enclosed to this post :slight_smile:

I tried to re-import the OBJ exported : it look like there is a non-compatibility between MeshLab and Blender because Blender import perfectly the OBJ created


robinet.blend (961 KB)

Exported obj from blender, imported obj into Meshlab I get the attached screenshot


meshlab 1.3.1 and blender 2.63.12 on FC15 does it just fine too.