obj exprot - FGons?

Hi, I just want to ask if obj export is supposed/does export FGons, or if it’s about the Softimage/XSI side here. Fgons get imported nice, but after reimport to SI XSI it leaves blender made edges. thx

blenders fgons are fake, so to convert them into real ngons in python could be “very very slow” - on the flip side its possible and would be ok with low to medium poly models.

Blender fgons are fake??

Could you expand on that, please?

they are fake as you still can’t use them as fgons in other apps - cut them etc as you would expect.

My reason for exporting is that sometimes I use blender as UVmapper, and need to get an n-goned model to Blender, map it, and get it back.
I’ll probably use only quads next time, it’s just better. :wink:

its a valid feature request, wavez has asked for this also. This is low priority for me but definitely worth adding when I have some time - or I would accept a patch from somebody else.

A general utility function for this would be nice - you could pass it a mesh and it would return the vert/uv loops for 5+ sided faces as well as a list of faces used to make up each fgon.

Not worth putting loads of effort into since BMesh has real ngons :wink:

thanks for reply. Yeah, waiting for BMesh seems a good idea not to waste time.