Obj import dialog missing?

Hi there, I am new to Blender. I have been a long time professional user of Maya and other 3D apps and have decided to make the switch to Blender. I really value and appreciate all the work you guys have put into developing this app and really want to make it part of my toolset. I know I have a steep learning curve ahead of me, but please bare with me if I ask dumb questions from time to time :slight_smile:

My first problem is this. I have exported an object out of Maya as an .obj file. I imported it into Blender using the File/import dialog. All was working beautifully until I tried to install the Blendigo/Indigo renderer last night (which didn’t work). Now when I try to import an .obj file, the File/import dialog only lists VRML1.0, DXF and STL. I have lost a heap of options somehow. I tried re-installing Blender, but didn’t fix the problem. I am using Vista.

Any help greatly appreciated


Somebody elese had the same problem , the thing with him was that he had to get a win64 build, are you using win64 ?






Thanks for the links! I’m running Vista 32 Blender 2.48a

I tried reinstalling Blender a couple of times after reading those posts, and all is now good! Thank you!

I think the .py scripts got deleted from the scripts folder by Blendigo when I tried to install it. Don’t know how that happened, but all is now good!

your welcome !